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Fishing has been one of man’s most primitive modes of acquiring food. In contemporary means, fishing, more than a source of food, has become a recreational act. The primary objective of fishing has shifted from the need for food to an exercise of patience, competition of skills and search of emotions.

The project explores the relationship between land, water, port, fish and people. Taking the idea of creating a place to celebrate the essence of fishing as a way of life, hence the experience of fishing, as well as the experience of an undersea living organism, witnessing the act of fishing and being fished from a different point-of-view, is central to the design.

The proposed structure emerges from Port River’s water as a fishing vessel hurling itself out of the ground. The building itself is a living metaphor, by relating itself to the Port River and thus the immense and fragile marine ecosystem and its resources. The marine experience is brought into intimate contact with the people – the multi-dimensional view of a living tank with lively creatures, the dampness, taste and smell of sea water, the tactility of the materials and finishes – as if the visitor is inside a world of a relaxing and tranquil paradise - the spirit of the site.

The design attempts to capture and concretize the romantic aesthetics and experience of a deteriorating environment. The façade on North-Eastern facing side is partially transparent with the tank extends from within towards inside of the building. It is a living façade where people from the outside can have a glimpse on the process of fishing.

From the inside, the light is being filtered through the water façade and the life it contains, distributing a subtle yet dynamic natural lighting into the spaces within. The interior is perceived as a single, large volume space with open floors, which embody industrial-grade materials characterized by effect of decay by the surrounding environments over time to give a sense of ethereal spaces. Materials such as metal grating and galvanized tubes for the treatment of flooring, staircases and handrails gives a rough yet poetic environment for the look, the touch and the sound it produces when being stepped on, hit on and the echoes it produces.

A post-production tutorial for the internal rendering of this project is available at

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