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Hidden in the hills of Oakbank SA, the site is a challenging sloped hill with breathtaking panoramic view of the hills.

The brief requires that a semi self-sustainable retreat for two people with areas for sleeping, studying, cooking, dining as well as story-telling.

The project aims to harness passive heating and cooling strategies by careful site planning and environmental technologies to achieve human comfort, and to avoid the use of active air conditioning systems.

The conceptual underpinning of the design came from a chapter of Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll (1872). The idea of ‘lost’ within the woods is taken and translated into architectural form as well as the entire site planning.

The spatial experience is created through the play of movement and internal spaces. The changing ceiling heights and secluded building is hidden away in rows of trees, creating the element of surprise and lost and found.

The main rooms are of one-room depth to allow for incoming natural light and cross ventilation. The envelop of the building including positioning of fenestration and choice of materials is carefully considered to allow heat gain and heat storage with mass on eastern and western side of the house, as well as fenestration to face north to allow solar penetration during winter.